The Vision

Northern Virginia (NOVA) makes up 1/3 of Virginia’s population and is the second fastest growing region in the nation. We live in an area where the needs of its people are great.

It is our desire to go out and serve others at their point of need. God has called us to unleash the hope of Jesus on our local community boldly in the next phase of Hope for NOVA’s ministry.

To do that, we must partner together and embrace an expanded vision focused on normal people living on mission in our community, being the hands and feet of Jesus day in and day out , and serving the least of these among us. We’ve been called to work as a team, under Christ, transforming lives and practically meeting the needs of our neighbors.

Come join us on this journey to bring Hope to Northern Virginia!

For us, mission doesn’t just mean a far-off place. It is an everyday endeavor, across the street and across Northern Virginia.

Find out how to get involved.


HOPE Houses

We are committed to loving every part of NOVA, including the communities that are most overlooked and under-resourced. Imagine people living on mission in a home, provided by Hope for NOVA partners, in a low income neighborhood.

These homes will provide the community

– A Safe Place and support for Families, Single Mothers & thier Children
– A Neighborhood Food Pantry & Clothing Closet
– After School Programs,Tutoring & ESOL Classes
– Small Group Bible Study

HOPE Centers

We envision a multi-use facility that will be used every day of the week to serve the needy and underprivileged, tutor children, provide counseling, and be a launching point for life transforming ministry.

HOPE Centers will offer the community

– A “Third Space” where people can come, share a coffee & build community
– A large central space for community events & recreation
– After-school tutoring programs
– Counseling Sessions
– A Community Food Pantry & Clothing Closet

– Discipleship groups & worship gatherings throughout the week.

Communities of HOPE

We envision Communities of HOPE throughout NOVA, where people can get away to receive healing and enrichment.

Communities of HOPE are dedicated to:

– Providing shelters and places where people come for an extended period of time to receive emotional, spiritual and physical healing through licensed counseling and social work programs.
– Providing environments for personal and professional development including a School of Leadership, and various practical training opportunities.

This duality of purpose will enable Communities of HOPE to serve the most pressing physical and spiritual needs in our area while providing a training ground for future leaders.

We are asking you to partner with us prayerfully
and joyfully as we launch Hope for NOVA.

We can rally together and support the HOPE for NOVA vision through giving sacrificially of our time, our money, our skills and our worship.


…that Hope for NOVA will be a shining demonstration of God’s love for those who are searching for hope in our region and that many will come to know God through our presence.
…for wisdom as the Hope for Nova Leadership implement and deliver programs that are engaging, relevant, and transformational.
…that the long term vision of HOPE for NOVA would be realized in God’s timing..


HOPE for NOVA will need volunteers committed to serve at all levels of the organization to provide support to the community.


Ask God how you should invest in the ministry of Hope for NOVA. Opportunities include sponsoring a direct ministry program, resourcing a staff position or location, monthly financial support, and many more.


Become A Part Of What God Is Doing

Meeting the real needs of people is something to which God has called us. We’ve been called to work as a team, under Christ, transforming lives and practically meeting the needs of our neighbors.