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Your generosity is making a difference


We believe in the work God is doing in our church and our surrounding community. We see your generosity as a partnership, so that as the church we can advance the kingdom and spread the Gospel to every corner of the earth. We’re often reminded that everything we have is already God’s to begin with, and our job is to steward those gifts well. Thank you for your generosity and partnership with us.

Ways To Give


You may give online, as well as set up recurring giving, by creating an account. Payments by Credit Cards and Direct Bank Withdrawal are accepted. Give through our online payment system using the links above.


Before and after our services you may drop any offering into the wall boxes located directly inside the worship center.


Checks to be made to “Hope Hill Church”
15024 Dumfries Road
Manassas, VA 20112

Why We Give

We give out of obedience to Scripture, we give out of a sense of gratitude, and we give because Jesus gave us his all. We give to make an impact both here on earth and impact that will last forever.

How We Give

We hold all of our possessions with open hands, knowing that God has given us all that we have anyway. We give generously, putting the needs of others ahead of our own.

Giving Philosophy

People are most important.
As a church, people are the focus of everything we do, not their money. We don’t view things through the lens of a donor base, giving units or pet projects for those with money. We want everyone who comes to feel welcome, whether or not you give financially toward our cause.

Financial giving is first and foremost about worship.
Some people give out of duty, others give as an investment to get something back, but neither is the biblical mandate for giving. Giving is an act of worship between you and God and therefore should not be done out of compulsion or guilt (Rom. 12:1; 1 Cor. 9:6-8).

We prefer to see if as a what we give out, not what we bring in.
Those who generously contribute to Hope Hill know that it is to benefit the people who walk in the doors and the community where we live.  Plus we believe in supporting church plants nationally and around the world.  For more on who we support check out our Impact page.

Life isn’t about money, but it is necessary in society
We wish we lived in a utopian society where we could get free use of facilities and unlimited free data packages on cell phones. But the reality is that we have budgeted items that need to be funded to keep things moving along. We’re doing our best to work with a lean budget that reflects what we feel is important to God.

Have questions about giving?

We would love to talk with you.