Hope for the Future

A Calling Bigger Than Ourselves
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Hope for the Future!

This is an extremely exciting time in the life of Hope Hill Church! With God’s guidance we have we have secured a property, through a purchase option agreement, right off of Dumfries Road in the community we have faithfully served for nearly 10 years. This property is brimming with hope and overflowing with possibility. God is so good!

We need your help as we take steps to purchase and renovate this property. Our desire is to develop this space as our permanent home for Hope Hill and a resourcing ministry center to our community and beyond. We’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider how God may want you or your family to participate.

Instead of creating a large church building that is surrounded by a sea of parking and only used once or twice a week, it is out vision to create a campus that is vibrant throughout the week.

We want to create space that is able to be used by a variety of different groups, organizations, etc. Ultimately, our hope is the entire property will be active all week – not just Sundays.

What will we gain from this property renovation?

  • More indoor meeting/training spaces
  • More exterior connection spaces
  • Covered walkways and improved walkability – between parking areas and main buildings
  • Increased kids & students space
  • Improved facility for city events, conferences, meetings, & additional auditorium seating

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise a total of $500,000 in pledges by the end of December 2022. Thank you for your generosity!

We are trusting God for that amount and we know it is achievable if every family gives what they can in faith.

Make Your Pledge

We’re asking everyone to prayerfully consider how God may want you or your family to participate.

1 – Pray

Commit to bringing this vision before God, asking Him what your part should be. Fast with a purpose of asking to be stretched into a new level of generosity. If you are married or have children, do this together.

2 – Examine

Assess your financial situation, looking at what is essential and what might not be.

Look at ways you can give sacrificially

3 – Discuss

Dedicate time to speak openly about this with others you trust. A friend, your spouse, or financial advisor.

4 – Pledge

Step out in faith and make a commitment by completing the pledge form.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why purchase a property now?

Although the Church is not a building, the Church has always had a gathering place. From our beginnings, our gathering place has been inside school buildings. Most recently, we were renting space at Hylton High School. However, HHC leadership has been praying and searching for a more permanent place to call home for several years. When COVID-19 began to spread throughout the USA, church meeting spaces were suddenly limited. This property became available at just the right time and fits perfectly with our mission and vision.


Why this property?

The heartbeat of HHC has always been to create a space that is able to be used by a variety of different groups and organizations. Our hope is that any property we own would be used throughout the week—not just on Sundays. This property has the potential to do just that.


How is Hope Hill Church paying for this property?

When this property became available, HHC leadership understood its value and the competitive market conditions. We very quickly put an in an offer contingent upon financing. However, the seller was only accepting offers without contingencies. With several interested parties, it became apparent that a more creative solution would be needed to secure the property. As a result, a group of people within our church family stepped in voluntarily. This group created an LLC, pulled their personal resources together, and purchased the property. That LLC is now leasing the property to HHC with an option to buy. This will allow us time to establish our financial plan to purchase the property from the LLC.


Is the land zoned for church use?

Not yet. The land is currently zoned for residential. One of our first important steps is to complete the application process for a “special use permit” (SUP) so that we can use the permit to its fullest extent as a church.


What is a “special use permit” (SUP)?

A special use permit allows a parcel of land or property to be used in a manner that deviates from normally accepted activities in that area. In other words, the special use permit creates exceptions to zoning regulations and ordinances.


Will Hope Hill Church keep the Hope House?

Yes. We plan to continue our missional and outreach efforts at the Hope House. 


How can I give financially toward the property?

Visit this section to give specifically to the property.


How can I volunteer to help with the property?

We have several areas that we need help with. Learn more, here.

Can I rent the property for a private event?

Yes, if you’d like to reserve the facilities for a meeting, party or event please email us a events@hopehillchurch.org to make your reservation.

Have questions about the campaign?

We would love to talk with you.