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Anika’s Story – Love Does

Our family received an envelope with $20 at the reverse offering at Hope Hill’s 4th anniversary. We took awhile to pray and think about what to do with it – there are so many needs and worthy causes and charities. Andrew and I always want our gifts and talents to bless people, but with hobbies (like baking for me) its not always so obvious how to do that. I asked Margaret (who is very involved with ministering to the homeless in Woodbridge) and she agreed that the homeless community would really appreciate a special treat made with extra love 🙂  So I got all the ingredients and made one goodie bag for each of the 18 residents in Spirit’s camp. Our family’s hope is just to bring a smile to their faces and let them know we care enough to make something special just for them. Being a part of the Stormin Norman Band’s homeless benefit concert last night and getting to meet and see the people brought this little effort full circle for us.

(Originally shared on facebook.com #LoveDoesAtHHC)

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