The Hope Hill community is about more than just a Sunday morning gathering; it’s about people who openly share their lives with one another. These relationships are meant to provide encouragement and support, to challenge and to carry each other as we pursue Jesus and His mission to bring Good News to everyone.

The Hope Hill community is much more than our gatherings on Sunday mornings; it’s about people who openly share their lives with one another just like the early church. We all need a place where we can read Scripture together, pray for one another, ask questions, share stories, and invest in each other. Amidst our hectic lives, we all need the rhythm of a true intentional community.

Community Groups are consistent weekly gatherings of 5-15 people that come together in homes and apartments throughout the city to discuss scripture and experience life together. Community Groups are places of encouragement, of honest questions, and authentic relationships. It’s where we refocus and gain understanding as to who Jesus is and how He changes our lives. We spend a lot of time getting to know each other relationally and engage with scripture as a narrative that is applicable to our lives.

Every Community Group is unique, but here is what we have in common:

  • Welcoming: Our Community Groups are open to everyone, any time of year, and no matter what your faith background is.
  • Challenging: Our Community Groups are places where people grow through their exploration of the Bible, their discussions, and their relationships.
  • Relational: Our Community Groups are places where people can develop intentional and meaningful relationships with one another.